Tree Bench Adventures: Poros, Greece "Why it is our favourite"

Do you wait for summer with excitement every year? We definitely do. Travelling is great for developing your personality and triggering your creative thinking and can be a valuable source of inspiration. Yet, if the adventure is not shared with the right people it might not be as pleasant and exciting as you expected.

The reason for this is that when we travel, we are not only looking to visit exciting places, but to fully immerse ourselves in unforgettable experiences with amazing communities and friends which we don’t want to leave. Some places are amazing not only for their nature, amazing stunning sunsets, fresh air of basil taste and pine trees but also for the unforgettable experiences you have with people who you engage with. You discover new things together and connect on spiritual, emotional and intellectual level…

Whether you’re stuck at the office secretly checking TripAdvisor for some ideas or you wonder whether Greece is the right destination for your next summer vacation… check out the following photographs for some inspiration and recommendations.

If you’re in the mood for romance while on a summer trip or finding yourself through something such as a painting, cooking or sailing - we recommend visiting Poros.

One of the first good things about Poros is that it is easy to reach. From Athens airport or city centre, visitors can go to the port of Piraeus and take a ferry to Poros. We highly recommend a stay at Live-Bio, a magical place with stunning sea views and even more amazing hosts, Periklis and Magdalena, who will make your experience more than exciting and unforgettable.

LiveBio: You can't get enough of that view

Love Bay: Time for cocktails and the taste of pine trees

Russian Bay: Play volleyball or listen to a concert from Periklis’ Boat

Monastiri Beach: Keep looking for our favourite secluded beach where you can enjoy your time without being disturbed

Chalikiada Beach: “Leave your pants on board or you won’t get a beer” ... seriously this can be a real game especially if you are a fan of nude beaches

In Periklis’s boat: Stay for another beer, another sunset or another song

Kantinaḯs Beach Bar: You don’t want to leave early

Katerina’s Cooking Classes: She is the cooking guru in the heart of Poros

A beautiful view lies just around the corner

The tiny island where love blossoms and people get married

Hold your breath for another unforgettable moment...

What is your favourite place this summer? Do you still have doubts about this fabulous place? Get in touch with us for exciting videos of Poros or check out Live-Bio’s website for more information.

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