Tree Bench Adventures: "Why you shouldn't miss a sailing party on Naziara"

This summer our #treebenchfilms crew is not only looking to visit exciting places, but to fully immerse ourselves in unforgettable experiences with amazing people. In one of our recent blogs we recommended a stay at Live-Bio, a magical place with stunning sea views and even more amazing hosts. Live-Bio is the lifestyle expression of Magdalena and Periklis, two entrepreneurs who decided to drop professional life for the love of nature, locally grown food and people-centred experiences such as sailing.

If you’re in the mood for romance with the sensation of being out on the water, wind filling the sails and feeling the power of nature - we recommend a sailing trip with Naziara! The boat on which time stands still and joy is neverending… memories are created and your heart is filled with light and happiness.

Adventures like sailing trips are an amazing activity, especially when shared with the right company. If you wonder why you shouldn’t miss a sailing trip opportunity with Naziara - here are a few magical moments captured by our cameras this summer while we combine sailing with partying and swimming in the bluest waters.

Getting there is half the journey...

Once there, it's over to the captains to ensure the party is successful

Sailing demands attention, creates challenges and helps you understand your own strengths

When everything is ready, some might choose to loose themselves in nature's embrace

While others turn to introspection and pondering life's mysteries

Being on a boat slows down time and helps us understand ourselves

Small moments become more important

And it's always great to see the captain in his element

Sailing can lead to profound reflective moments

Get a real appreciation of space, time, excitement and life

As you sail away from the shore, the things that happen on land become small, background concerns

When all is said and done, everyone comes together for some unforgettable times

Sailing is a perfect antidote to the stresses of the modern world

Our treebenchadventures series highlights some of the amazing places we’ve been to and people we’ve connected with over our travels. Get in touch with us for more exciting videos of our adventures or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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