About Me

Video Producer, Editor, Filmmaker.

"I have always perceived knowledge as the key to the complex equation of my world. As a mathematician, I believe that professional reward does not come with discovering truth, but in seeking it. As a film-maker, I uphold the idea that cinema is an illusion which helps us get closer to the truth. As a dreamer, I promote the right of young people to be activists and change the world for the better.”

Between 2006-2012, Elena worked across classical theatre plays, experimental performances, commercials, and dancing workshops. In 2013 she wrote the script and co-directed the short film “1, 2, 3… Until you find me”, which won an award for Refinement in Visual Concept. Since then she has developed in-depth knowledge of the film-making process as she produced and directed several narrative fiction and documentary projects. Throughout the production of these films and other videos, she has been responsible for directing, producing, crowdfunding campaigns, video editing, administering schedules, and creating efficient workflows for her crews.

In addition to the above, Elena also has a BA in Statistics and has worked in various successful companies such as Winterwell Associates, Aquila Insight, GFK and Uniqa. Now she is also working as a Brand Specialist for small companies such as Badiliko Ltd and Pierre Levicky - Bodyimprint. She is responsible for the creative content and design for marketing strategies and social media to drive traffic across all aspects of her clients’ brands.

"My work in all these projects helped me to develop important skills such as coping with time limitations and coming up with practical solutions to achieve results."

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A Common Connection (2017)
Inside Out (2016)
Pigs Don't Fly (2015)
1,2,3... Until You Find Me (2013)